3 Ways to Use the Same Inflatable: Apex Rec District

“Oh my gosh, we LOVE it, we have used it for way more than we thought we would. Here are a few pictures. We even got it our on our ice!” Katie


When it comes to Boulder Blimp inflatables, the possibilities for use are endless. Take a few hints from our client and my old neighbor, Apex Recreational District. I used to live right across the street from the Apex Field House and outdoor fields so I’m well aware that they are always busy organizing some fun new community event. Sleeping in on a summer weekend was not an option with the music pumping from the fields and the neighborhood kids running amok. My only options were to either party less the night before or plug my ears. Thank goodness to the inventor of earplugs; I swear I keep that guy/gal in business. Still, it’s always pleasant to hear your community come alive and rejoice in the streets, when you’ve had a cup of coffee first, of course.


Apex tends to the large Northeastern Jefferson county community with an ever-increasing population. Why is that significant? It means more activities and more places to use their inflatable arch which also means they get the biggest bang for their buck! A decent amount of creativity has already gone into application since they ordered their giant inflatable over the summer. Just take a look at their photos. Their custom inflatable race arch was transformed into an inflatable peewee football entry way that got another makeover as an inflatable billboard at their indoor skating rink. Genius!


Let’s think about something for a second: where else are you afforded the opportunity to reuse visual marketing materials that you’ve invested your savings in as effectively when you first purchased them? I’m not talking about hawking those faded t-shirts from 1999 sitting in a dusty box that only some millennial hipster would wear to make an ironic “vintage” fashion statement. Traditional race arches are either flimsy and one-time use or they are complicated structures that require tons of logistics. Football tunnels are very specific to, uh, football and may require convincing a board of some sort for funding. Finally, billboards are expensive, temporary and non-transportable. You see, even though Apex didn’t realize it at first, they found an affordable solution to achieve maximum exposure without sacrificing their reputation or the integrity of their events. The best part is that their advertising inflatable is easy to transport and clean and ready to inflate at a moments notice. Perfect for those last minute shindigs around town.


If you would like more information on the gift that keeps on giving, call us today. ‘Tis the season to treat yourself!