Buffaloes AND Tigers AND Eagles. Oh my!



It’s officially summer! Amnesia of the past school year has indefinitely set into student’s minds across the country as they splash in pools and embark on memorable summer vacations. Until September smacks them with a dose of sobering reality that is. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have the task of maintaining a level of responsibility and professionalism as we stare out the window in hopes we suddenly develop the power of teleportation. Adulting…isn’t it grand? The real question here though is: how do we adults add some fun to the upcoming school year so that those little amnesiacs are reminded of how exciting school can be? The answer is simple: INFLATABLES!!! Let me give you some ideas.

Inflatable mascots anyone? Maybe you need the opportunity to convert your stand alone inflatable mascot into a costume for some crowd pumping fan interaction or Pep Rallies. We can do that! What about Field Day? Inflatable sporting games such as an inflatable soccer field or an inflatable basketball game really encourages participation. Inflatable arches and inflatable tunnels are obviously great for races and making a grand entrance but have you thought about the latest national craze – Trick or Trunks? Forgot about those, didn’t you? While we’re at it, inflatable backdrops are perfect for award ceremonies and inflatable letters work great for Greek organizations. Did you know we can even make a custom fundraising tube for the myriad fundraisers held over the school year? Well, now you know and, that’s not all! We can create inflatable trophies, inflatable sport equipment replicas and customize pop up tents/bow banners/table clothes for fairs, orientations and graduations. Did your brain just explode, because I think I heard a BOOM!

It’s all about the picture these days. Because we have such easy access to cameras and social media in our pockets, everyone reaches for their smartphones to record and share their lives. The easiest way to capitalize on that is by introducing an inflatable to your school events. The parents will be happy to capture a decent photo of their kids they didn’t have to wrestle with them over and the kids are excited to share how cool their school is with anyone who’ll listen. You hear that? That’s called harmony. Aside from that, our inflatables are easy to set up, transport and store, are cost-effective and come with a 2 year warranty.

I think I covered everything but if you have your own original idea, let’s talk! Our staff of qualified account executives can help you whip something up in no time and walk you through the process all while keeping your budget in mind. We hope to hear from you soon!