Buying on Price Alone = Buyers Remorse

When working on behalf of a client or when researching options on where to purchase your inflatable you will certainly notice prices are all over the map.  Ranging from expensive to dirt cheap and everything in between.

Inflatables are big business and whenever an industry grows to a certain size you get all kinds of players jumping into the game, some reputable and some not so much.

Recently we received an email from a group that we had bid on a large project and even though they were an American Government institution and were supposed to be buying from an American company, they bought based on the lowest price alone and neglected or didn’t do their due diligence in finding out what they were getting into.

They ordered several hundred inflatables and the blower unit was not aligning properly internally and they were stuck without being able to get even basic customer service and an explanation on how to get there inflatables to inflate.


Needless to say spending tens of thousands of dollars on inflatables the didn’t inflate was not sitting well with the client and going with the cheapest available quote didn’t work out.


There are times when you can find great deals and take advantage of great promotions but there still needs to be factors taken into consideration other then price alone.

Don’t fall victim to less than reputable inflatable companies.  Boulder Blimp has been in the inflatable business since 1980. We stand behind all our products. We answer calls and emails and provide excellent customer service and we only use premium materials and equipment.

Call us today for a fair quote and excellent customer service from a company you can trust!