Grand Opening

Grand Opening: a special celebration held to mark the opening of a new business or public place. The operative word here is celebration and you can’t have a party without balloons or what we like to call inflatables! Inflatables can be made in a variety of shape, sizes and fabrics. We’ve got our bases covered: great prices, great quality and great customer service. If you’re looking for an immediate response with lasting visual impact, invest in your success with a Boulder Blimp inflatable!

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On Site Hangover Recovery Shot

CU Boulder Inflatable Pavilion

Bolt Depot Tunnel

Digicel Cricket Costumes

Valley Queen Cheese Factory Cow Inflatable

Tijuana Flats Table Cover

Wilbur Famous Daves Inflatable Pig Character

Mohawk Carpet Rhino Inflatable Mascot

Dale’s Pale Ale Inflatable Can Replica

7-Eleven Slurpee on location

Audi Inflatable Hot Air Balloon Shape

Angelinas Taco Caseros Inflatable Taco

Billy Sims Barbecue Inflatable Character

Stripes Inflatable Jump Shot

Metro PCS Inflatable Sport Booth Orange

Dutch Bros Coffee Inflatable Cup

Biggby Coffee Inflatable Cup Costume

Brooklyn Water Bagels Cubsta Cup and Bagel Inflatable Foods

Yogurt Mountain Inflatable Costume

Big O Inflatable Tire

Burger King Hot Air Balloon Shape

Mountain Mudd Inflatable Inflatable Costumes

Loretas Frozen Yogurt Inflatable Costume

Pigpen Scotchguard Inflatable Billboard

Texas Steak Express Inflatable Cup

Walmart Neighborhood Market Inflatable Hot Air Balloon Shape

Smiling Moose Inflatable

Erbert and Gerbert Inflatable Costumes

Coffee Beanery Inflatable Costume

7-Eleven Giant Slurpee Inflatable

Toothy Inflatable Mascot

Panda Express Inflatable

K-Mart Inflatable Costume

Chick-fil-A Cow Inflatable

Mowhawk Rhino Inflatable Mascot

Itchy Ritchy Inflatable Mascot