Product Launch

What’s the goal of a product launch? To propel your brand into social consciousness and ensure your lucrative growth, that’s what! We get that at Boulder Blimp and want to help you painlessly reach your goals. An inflatable shape unique to the company or product itself will keep the focus on your product in a society with an increasingly limited attention span. The best part is that by providing a photo opportunity with your product, your patrons will share those photos on social media. Free advertising anyone?

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BioMerieux Inc. Inflatable Bottle

Digicel Cricket Costumes

Mohawk Labrador Retriever Inflatable Mascot

Performance Inflatable Bike

Inflatable Tuaca Bottles

Dish Hopper Inflatable Kangaroo on location

Marley Mellow Mood Inflatable Can

Evamor Water Inflatable Bottle

Digicel Roll A Banner

Dole Shakers and Sliced Strawberries Inflatable

Iron Man Low Fat Chocolate Milk Inflatable

Jeremiah Weed Inflatable Cans

Fuze Pop Up Tent Banner and Table Cover

Kia Soul Inflatable

PowerBar Perform Inflatable

Sensodyne Pronamel Inflatable

Tylenol Sealed Air Inflatable Tent

Mrs Baird’s Honey Wheat Bread

Comcast Inflatable Costume

Absolut Inflatable Bottle

Digicel Inflatable Tent

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Inflatable

Hint Inflatable Costume

Crocs Inflatable Costume

Zhu Zhu Tunnel Inflatable

Jack Daniels Inflatables

Timex Custom Inflatables

Naked Juice Inflatable

Goya Inflatables

Coke Bottle Inflatable

Fram Oil Filter Inflatable Billboard

Kyocera Phone Inflatables

Cricket Custom Inflatables

Ford Logo Inflatable Billboard