Leave a good taste in your audience’s mouth at your next sampling event when you sample what we have to offer here at Boulder Blimp! Obtaining maximum visual exposure at events, special promotions or grand openings is often a challenge. Companies sponsor events for the name and product awareness that sponsorship promises, but even strategically placed banners can be lost in the crowd. Our custom made inflatables offer a cost effective method for ensuring your customers will know who you are and get them to your sampling table or booth! Giant, colorful inflatables are guaranteed attention getters that will stand out in any crowd. Customized inflatables become memorable landmarks at events, and are a friendly and often humorous way to accent your participation. We also offer promotional event items such as table covers, pop up tents and bow banners to complete the look of your event. Ask about bundle pricing for the complete set of products!

Inflatable advertising is the way to go to keep up with the ever changing marketing landscape. New methods of getting your message or product into the mainstream are popping up all the time but visual cues never go out of style. Inflatables are a modern yet affordable solution across the board. When you deal with Boulder Blimp Company, the company that has influenced the inflatable game since 1980, you can rest assured that you will soar above the competition.

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Bud Light Aluminum Bottles Inflatable

Tijuana Flats Table Cover

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Inflatable Bottle

Jack Links Worlds Largest Bag of Beef Jerky Inflatable Product Replica

711 Slurpee Inflatable Cup Costume

Brooklyn Water Bagels Cubsta Cup and Bagel Inflatable Foods

Finlandia Vodka Inflatable Bottle

Cricket Inflatable Arch

Fleet Feet Sports Inflatable Arch Color Variant

Lawn Dart Distillery

Dale’s Pale Ale Inflatable Can Replica

Famous Daves Wilbur on location

Mr Jelly Belly on location

Dutch Bros Coffee Inflatable Cup Costume

Mountain Mudd Inflatable Inflatable Costumes

Loretas Frozen Yogurt Inflatable Costume

Nutella Jar Inflatable

You Say When Yogurt Inflatable Costume

Samsung Dome Inflatable Tent

Sensodyne Pronamel Inflatable

Mrs Baird’s Honey Wheat Bread

Jeremiah Weed Inflatable Cans

Dales Pale Ale Inflatable Beer Can

Molson Inflatable Costume

Budweiser Streetbeat Inflatable Billboard

Goya Inflatables

Piton Misting Inflatable Booth

SpongeBob Inflatable Booth