Fulfill 2017 Marketing Budget with Inflatables

And like that, 2017 is almost over. Next week is Thanksgiving and the holidays are right around the corner. It’s time to hustle and get those last minute sales on the books, as well as, reflect on what worked in 2017 and what didn’t. Fourth Quarter is also used as a time to plan and budget next year’s strategy/expenditures.

No matter where your company is at, Boulder Blimp Company can help you! We can do preliminary conversations about marketing campaigns for 2018. This includes mock-ups, price points and visuals so that when a budget opens up you are ready to order.

Or if you are offering a holiday or end of year sale, we can still deliver inflatables by Mid December. However, our ordering window is getting smaller.

Most importantly, we can make sure to get an order placed by 12/31 so that your marketing budget isn’t lost. Especially, if your company adjusts budget based on what was actually spent the previous year.

This is a crucial time for business. Don’t stress, enjoy the holidays, and let Boulder Blimp Company help close out 2017 strong or implement a marketing strategy for next year!

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