In the highly competitive beverage industry, you need to take extra steps to make sure that your product stands out from the competition. Inflatable cans and inflatable bottles attract attention and make your product literally tower above the crowd. Imagine a 20′ inflatable product replica of your can or bottle. Now THAT will get noticed! Brand loyalty is huge when it comes to coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc. Everyone has their favorite. A 30’ tall inflatable Starbucks cup at college campus event, for example, is going to attract fans of all-nighters and, of course, Starbucks – GUARANTEED. Same goes for all of our beverage inflatables: brand is king. There is no better way to be visible and attract tons of attention than with an inflatable from Boulder Blimp. You didn’t know it but giant inflatables are what you’ve been missing!

***We have expanded our printing capabilities and now have the best pricing we have ever had for inflatable cans and bottles in 2018! ***

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