Fire Safety Education

Boulder Blimp Company is proud to work with fire departments across the United States and Canada by reliably providing the Original Inflatable Fire Education House. We made the first fire house for the City of Lafayette, CO, catapulting their safety education program. Shortly after, the secret was out by word of mouth and we have been swiftly keeping up with the fire safety education inflatable orders ever since!

Our 3 room, inflatable fire safety house comes with internal banners that provide updated safety messaging throughout. The price includes 3 external scripted banners and 2 logos with your department’s shield or logo. Our fire house client’s cleverly take advantage of the sponsorship opportunities the banners create. As with all of our products, inflatable fire education houses are fully customizable allowing for different color options and a unique smoke house option. Fire departments love the concept, portability, versatility, ease of use and, most of all, price point. That’s not all, we also make an inflatable fire donation boot that is a great addition to any inflatable fire safety house or for use as a stand alone fundraising tool. If you would like more information, check out our page with all the details here!

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Snow Camp Fire Department

College Station Wheelchair Accessible Fire House

Billings Fire Dept Fire Safety Education House

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Michigan Fire Fighters Inflatable Donation Boot

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