Medical & Dental

Inflatables work great outside a medical/dental office to bring attention to the location and identify with what kind of office your practice is! Inflatables can serve as educational tools in the medical industry and are prominently used in museums and hospitals.  The amount of detail that goes into our work and overall concept of people walking through an inflatable to see what healthy tissues/organs look like compared to a side impacted by disease is incredible and FUN! Interactive medical inflatables are popular for Breast Cancer Awareness month and with non profit organizations with a medical focus. Any chance we can get to create an inflatable that educates communities and raises overall awareness is a task Boulder Blimp takes pride in.

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Delta Dental Inflatable Tooth

Emerus 25ft Tall Map Pin Inflatable

BioMerieux Inc. Inflatable Bottle

Penrose Hospital 15ft Inflatable Dog

Medical Benefits Pop Up Tent

Community Blood Centers Inflatable Blood Drop Character

Sensodyne Pronamel Inflatable

SKYN Condom Lifestyles Inflatable

Pill Bottle Inflatable

Tylenol Sealed Air Inflatable Tent

Toothy Inflatable Mascot

Childrens Hospital Inflatable Mascot