Inflatables for Nonprofits? Yes, It’s a Thing!

Because nonprofits so generously give back to the community by using their funding to further their organization’s objectives, Boulder Blimp was inspired to be charitable ourselves and offer you exclusive discounted pricing! We’ve been in the business of making our products affordable to philanthropic organizations since our inception in 1980. We know how hard it can be for not-for-profit groups to pull the resources, let alone the financials, together to put on a remarkable event. It’s difficult when your institution is buoyed by donations and fundraising efforts that come with no guarantees. That’s why we like to give nonprofits a break and enhance the potential revenue you could rake in through the use of our inflatables and event marketing tools.

Nonprofits receive special pricing on Boulder Blimp Company inflatables and event marketing products!

Along with the markdowns, comes flexibility. What I mean is that nonprofits are free to choose which of our promotional products would suit them best. You may choose from our custom inflatables and/or pop up tents, banners/flags, table covers and much, much more to create your own customized package deal. A lot of our nonprofit clients tend to choose to go with our inflatable race arches for fundraising walks and runs, as that seems to be the trend. But, as long as you have an imagination, we can collaborate on creating something just as captivating and photo friendly.

Social media is a essential to spreading the word around the world quickly about your mission which translates into more money for your cause. Donors and participants will not be able to help themselves from sharing pictures of your special event so make your inflatable fun and unique like Roaring Forks Conservancy did when they ordered their inflatable H20 Joe stand alone/costume hybrid. That’s just another way we help you to save – by creating a multi-use inflatable. Or, take a cue from our fire department clients who find our inflatable donation boot beneficial in helping raise money. Remember: it doesn’t have to be a boot if that doesn’t make sense for your business. Better yet, here’s a novel idea: why don’t you think about an inflatable cash vault like our client Digicel? Granted they aren’t a nonprofit but when an inflatable cash cube is used in a way to promote donation matching via the amount collected by the player or coupons for race swag, it’s a win/win!

There’s so much more to fill you in on so if you contact us, we would be delighted to give you a FREE quote and help you reach, even supersede, your goals. Happy fundraising!