Inflatable costumes are a fun and affordable way to bring your character, logo and mascots to life. Our inflatable costumes are a great fit for all types of companies and events. Our coffee retail franchises and beverage company clients especially love them because they are interactive, can be used as needed and they end up paying for themselves. Inflatable costumes don’t require much storage space, set-up time or effort. They are perfect for grand openings, retail locations, restaurants, sporting events, trade shows, mobile marketing, festivals, concerts, parades and much more.

Inflatable costumes are also a great addition if you already own a stand alone inflatable. Don’t have one of those? We have even made a costume that serves double duty as a stand alone inflatable as well. Kill two birds with one stone, why dontcha?! Keeping your customers engaged can be a challenge without an interactive component. So, add an inflatable costume to your marketing tool arsenal and keep your customers focused on YOU!

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