Custom Inflatables

Here at Boulder Blimp, we’ve helped with many custom inflatable projects. From the initial design to helping coordinate projects that involve multiple teams, installers, tight deadlines and city permits. We are able to help keep your custom made giant advertising inflatable project moving along, production on schedule and can assist with providing details needed to get the project approved and have your custom designed inflatable shapes installed on time for your scheduled kick-off date. We pride ourselves in helping make your visual marketing or guerrilla marketing project a huge success and have had multiple projects featured by multiple news outlets and across social media extensively.

We are happy to help with your next custom advertising balloon project whether big and complicated or small and simple. Providing excellent customer service is reflected in our continued participation in many complex and successful projects for Fortune 500 companies and some of the biggest and most prominent marketing agencies.

Call us for you free quote (303-664-1122) or email:

Bricks & Minifigs Inflatable Lego Man Boulder Blimp 2

LEGO Minifig Inflatable

Telemundo Soccer Ball

KSHE Pig 2

Garmin Guitar

Firstborn Multimedia Basketball LA Lakers

Airbag Hanging on location

Emerus 25ft Tall Map Pin Inflatable

College Station Wheelchair Accessible Fire House

Morgan Inflatable Tire Huge Tire Sale

Agro Liquid Logo Billboard

Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union Inflatable Boot NonprofitsBoulder Blimp

Michigan Fire Fighters Inflatable Donation Boot

Penrose Hospital 15ft Inflatable Dog

Bee on Hive Inflatable Character

Valley Queen Cheese Factory Cow Inflatable

Boost Mobile Inflatable Soccer Kick

Mohawk Carpet Rhino Inflatable Mascot

Avalanche Refrigerant Custom Inflatable Arch

Oreo Inflatable Cookie Character

Midas Touch Inflatable Hands

Billy Sims Barbecue Inflatable Character

Clatsop County Fire Fighters Association Inflatable Fire Safety Education House

Finlandia Vodka Inflatable Bottle

Lawn Dart Distillery

Dragon Inflatable Head LED Lights

Furry Santa Bear Inflatable


KSHE Radio Inflatable

EXDO Inflatable Goose

Lawn Dart Event

Dole Shakers and Sliced Strawberries Inflatable

Hanging Holiday Inflatable Ornament

KSLX Radio X Inflatable

Dish Network Hopper Inflatable Kangaroo

Pill Bottle Inflatable

Dish Kangaroo Hopper Inflatable

Cloud Inflatable

Mrs Baird’s Honey Wheat Bread

Craftsman Inflatable Toolbox

Fuze Pop Up Tent Banner and Table Cover

The Original Inflatable Fire Safety Education House

Saffron Tiger Inflatable

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Inflatable

Furry Santa Bear Inflatable 2

Zhu Zhu Tunnel Inflatable

Colorado Rockies Baseball Inflatable

Eiffel Tower Liberty Head Custom Inflatable

Albuquerque Inflatable Balloon Arch

Kiss Me Dirty Ad Tube Custom Inflatable

Colorado University Furry Buffalo Inflatable Mascot

SpongeBob Inflatable Booth