Inflatable Booths

We can create anything from a cool branded misting inflatable booth to an exciting inflatable trade show booth attraction. Our inflatable booths are eye catching and create a lasting impact on the customer. We can help create a fully custom inflatable trade show booth to attract attention and differentiate from your competitors. Inflatable misting booths are a great way to provide a cool and calming area for your clients. Our interactive inflatable sports booths are great for keeping customers engaged and creating a great experience with your brand. Gain exposure using inflatable experiential and inflatable sampling booths to capture your audiences attention and create positive interactions, like an inflatable cash grab booth can. Ask us about the many ways to incorporate our inflatable booths to fit your marketing strategy and stand out from the crowd at your next trade show!

Giant advertising inflatables are the way to go to keep up with the ever changing marketing landscape. New methods of getting your message or product into the mainstream are popping up all the time but visual cues never go out of style. Custom designed inflatable are a modern yet affordable solution across the board. When you deal with Boulder Blimp Company, the company that has influenced the inflatable game since 1980, you can rest assured that you will soar above the competition.

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Hooters Inflatable Sports Cage

Metro PCS Inflatable Sport Booth Orange

Glaceau Vitamin Water Inflatable Misting Booth

Cricket Inflatable Sports Booth

Dr. Pepper Sports Booth Inflatable

Piton Misting Inflatable Booth

SpongeBob Inflatable Booth

ESCO Inflatable Booth

Boston Blazers Inflatable Booth

Dragon Inflatable Trade Show Booth