Inflatable Cash Machines

Inflatable cash machines are a great alternative to the other cash cube money machines on the market in terms of portability and affordability. They are fully customizable as with all of our products. Do you require specific colors or branding? Maybe you need to add banners to your cash cube to highlight sponsorships. Whatever the case, we can make it happen. Did we mention you can trade out cash for coupons in the cash grab booth?! Inflatable cash machines are a fun interactive marketing tool that don’t rely on any sports skills to participate in reward programs. Liven up your next event with a custom branded inflatable cash machine! (Cash not included)

Advertising inflatables are the way to go to keep up with the ever changing marketing landscape. New methods of getting your message or product into the mainstream are popping up all the time but visual cues never go out of style. Custom designed inflatable money grab machines are a modern yet affordable solution across the board. When you deal with Boulder Blimp Company, the company that has influenced the inflatable game since 1980, you can rest assured that you will soar above the competition.

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Banc First Inflatable Cash Machine

Stripes Inflatable Cash Machine

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Black Velcro Inflatable Cash Machine

Boulder Blimp Company Inflatable Cash Machine

Digicel Inflatable Cash Machine