Inflatable Mascots

Your mascot can be raking in the dollars while you sit and relax. How, you ask? Bring it to life in the form of an inflatable mascot! Inflatable mascots can be made in the form of a giant furry inflatable buffalo or a cool interactive inflatable costume and are a sure way to get your name noticed at your next event. The Colorado University Buffs inflatable mascot is one of our favorite hometown hits and they really have gotten their monies worth. That thing continues to make appearances all over the state! People of all ages love taking pictures and videos of themselves interacting with inflatable mascots and sharing them on social media. Did I mention you can add print or removable banners for sponsors too? Like I said – stress-free marketing. Provide the custom inflatable shapes and they will come!

Inflatable advertising is the way to go to keep up with the ever changing visual marketing landscape. New methods of getting your message or product into the mainstream are popping up all the time but visual cues never go out of style. Giant inflatable mascots are a modern yet affordable solution across the board. When you deal with Boulder Blimp Company, the company that has influenced the inflatable game since 1980, you can rest assured that you will soar above the competition.

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Mohawk Labrador Retriever Inflatable Mascot

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Dish Hopper Inflatable Kangaroo on location

Giant Mellow Mushroom Restaurant Inflatable

Famous Daves Wilbur on location

Mr Jelly Belly on location

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Dish Network Hopper Inflatable Kangaroo

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CU Buffs Inflatable Buffalo Mascot Sports Inflatable

University of Colorado Inflatable Furry Buffalo

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