Have you ever gotten caught in rain at an outdoor event or fervently wished the sun would duck behind some clouds for a little bit? I have! In the shuffle of trying to stay dry or cool, I’ve ended up in an inflatable pavilion where I have found myself – more often than not – inadvertently interacting with the brand or services offered. COMFORT is big draw for potential customers especially at an outdoor event. EASE is a big draw for you. Inflatable pavilions don’t require hiring a team to set up or require a huge bank account like when renting an expensive pavilion.  Typically, all it takes is a couple people to set up in just a few minutes!

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CU Boulder Inflatable Pavilion

Protein King Inflatable Pavilion

CU Boulder Inflatable Pavilion

WNRQ Inflatable Radio Pavillion

6 Leg Inflatable Pavilion

NCAA Inflatable Pavilion

Inflatable Jeep Pavilion

National Guard Inflatable Tent

Bacardi Pavilion

Bacardi-BL Pavilion

Turbo Pavilion

Timex Custom Inflatables