Radio Industry Inflatables

Looking for unique ways to promote your radio station this summer? No matter your budget, reach out to Boulder Blimp Company today if you need a WOW factor at your next event.

Pop Up Tents and Signage  

Our pop up tents are high quality, UV protected and we have great pricing for a fully printed canopy. You can print multiple logos, URL’s/Script and color(s). Pop up Tents work great if you have multiple stations or sponsors.

Inflatable Costumes or Billboards – $2K Range 

Pricing on our costumes or billboards depend on color, complexity and size. They work great because you can go as simple or as creative as you like. Minimum sizing we recommend going on an inflatable is 6′ Tall.


Dome Tents- 3K Range

Inflatable Dome tents make a statement. They have at least 4 locations for branding and you can utilize the legs for additional sponsorship or text. This is an inflatable with both functionality and presence!


Radio Station Mascot- 3K Range

Like all of our inflatables, price depends heavily on size, complexity of shape and color. The inflatable below is 12 Ft. Tall and has a lot of detail. This custom project is a favorite and certainly makes a statement!


Get in touch with us today. Even if you are in the early stages, we are happy to provide ballpark pricing and mock-ups!