CU Denver Made Move-In Day Fun with Boulder Blimp Inflatables

November 2, 2018

One of the most exciting days for any young person is the day they move out of the nest and into college party dorm life. Am I right? Of course, I am! Freedom and visions of omitting the truth of your class attendance to your parents never tasted so sweet. There’s a fine line between…

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Breath of Fresh Air – Autism Speaks

October 18, 2018

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis of Assisi   Autism. You’ve heard it before. With the prevalence jumping to every 1 in 59 births this year, chances are you also know someone that’s living with it. In fact, you may know a boy…

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Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Inflatable Advertising

October 12, 2018

If you were thinking about purchasing an inflatable but are still on the fence about it, let me help you decide. Don’t worry “assistant” is in my official title; it’s what I do.   1. Inflatable advertising is COST-EFFECTIVE.   Traditional marketing schemes involve print advertisements or TV/radio commercials. Let’s face it, billboards and flyers…

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99 Inflatable Bottles of Beer on the Wall…

October 5, 2018

  Do you know what America’s favorite pastime is? If you said baseball – EHHH! Wrong! Maybe back in the day but, our tastes have certainly evolved since then. I’m sorry to burst your apple-pie-filled bubble folks but it’s drinking beer! Hey, I don’t make this stuff up. According to this article, Americans consumed 6.3…

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Join the Winner’s Circle with Automotive Inflatables!

October 4, 2018

  Get your motor running. Head out on the information superhighway…and snag yourself some sweet Boulder Blimp motor sports inflatables! 85% of people use a set of wheels to get around every day, making it one of the largest industries in the world. In 2016, there were nearly 95 million motor vehicles produced globally. Let’s…

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Put the Pep Back in your Step with Coffee Inflatables!

September 28, 2018

  Brrr! It’s getting brisk out there. I can’t believe that last Saturday marked the official first day of fall; that was quick. What I do believe, though, is that it’s the perfect time to remind everyone that they can warm up with your signature hot beverage!   There’s no better way to stay fresh…

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We’ve got COSTUMES!

September 10, 2018

  Tis the season for some costumes! Fa la la la la, la la la…oops, wrong holiday but the excitement remains the same. In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to remind you that we not only make inflatable advertising but also INFLATABLE COSTUMES. The options run the gamut from beverages to characters to even…

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