Race Needs for Non Profits and Sponsors

With over 15 million Americans competing in organized races each year; 5K’s, half-marathons or full, obstacle course races and walks for a cause, aren’t going anywhere. Big Business loves sponsoring races and the racers love funding and bringing awareness to non-profit groups across the United States.  No matter the size of race, there is sponsorship and branding opportunities not just at the event, but leading up to it with reminder emails, training programs and the goodie bags you get for competing.  Not to mention, the racing community are considered “loyal consumers” with philanthropic agendas. Win-Win Right?  Find out how to market and create the best race day experience below.

Start/Finish Arch

Depending on your course, we can customize an Inflatable Arch specific to  your event or non-profit. Race Archways are portable, highly visible, are set up in minutes and are great for sponsorship opportunities. You can attach banners, custom hanging banners for locations and create a professional aesthetic for volunteers, runners and sponsors. They can be simple and used by multiple Non-profit Chapters or customized for a specific event.

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Pop Up Tent 

For registration, packet pick up and goodie bags, it is important to have a designated location. Pop Up Tents are portable, create some shade for volunteers and can be used at other events through out the year. For main sponsors, Custom tents can be used as a place to sell gear, give out product samples, or even have a massage therapist or PT staff set up for stretching and post run recovery techniques.

Bow Flags/Mile Markers/ Table Covers 

Use Bow Flags as promotion or to label the course for the racers. Table covers can be used through out the event to help increase brand awareness.

Pavilion Tents/Misting Stations 

Once the race is finished, all you want is water and if it is in the heat of summer, shade. We take that one step further with our misting stations. Misting stations after a tough course are amazing. When a runner is back to walking and can’t imagine one more step, the cool water makes life seem a little less painful than it was previously. If I was a sponsor, that’d be my contribution, because participants appreciate that step a whole lot more than the step towards Mile Marker 23 with a different sponsor’s logo attached.



No matter your budget, there are products that will take your spring race or event to the next level. Call an experienced Account Executive today and we can help set up a race day package for your 2017 event.