Inflatable Cups for Coffee Shops and QSR Industries

Inflatables are a great way to stand out amongst your competition in the Coffee and Food Industry. You can have someone outside your location in an inflatable costume or an inflatable coffee cup showcasing your new branding. For multi-unit locations, branding and market share is key. This month, we are offering the best pricing on Inflatables Cups and Inflatable Cup Costumes to date.


With Franchising or multi unit locations, consistency is essential. Boulder Blimp Company is your one stop shop for inflatables, pop up tents, bow banners, table covers- You name it! With over 30 years of experience, quality products and top-notch customer service, we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining lasting relationships with our clients.

Create a custom inflatable by Boulder Blimp Company to step up your marketing game and create consistent messaging across the board. Save even more by bundling an inflatable with any of our re sell items! Give us a call to get started on a mock-up and price point.