In the highly competitive beverage industry, you need to take extra steps to make sure that your product stands out from the competition. Inflatable cans and inflatable bottles attract attention and make your product literally tower above the crowd. Imagine a 20′ inflatable product replica of your can or bottle. Now THAT will get noticed! Brand loyalty is huge when it comes to coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc. Everyone has their favorite. A 30’ tall inflatable Starbucks cup at college campus event, for example, is going to attract fans of all-nighters and, of course, Starbucks – GUARANTEED. Same goes for all of our beverage inflatables: brand is king. There is no better way to be visible and attract tons of attention than with an inflatable from Boulder Blimp. You didn’t know it but giant inflatables are what you’ve been missing!

***We have expanded our printing capabilities and now have the best pricing we have ever had for inflatable cans and bottles in 2018! ***

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Cigar City Lager Can

Inflatable Pepsi Bottle

Inflatable Guinness Pints

Naked Juice Inflatable

Real Ale Firemans 4 Can

Coke Bottle Inflatable

Pendelton EZ Carry Inflatables

Bud Light Aluminum Bottles Inflatable

Patron Inflatable Bottle

Diet Mountain Dew Inflatable Can

Iron Man Low Fat Chocolate Milk Inflatable

Smirnoff Ice Inflatable Bottle Frosted Fabric

PJ’s Coffee Inflatable Cup Replica

Jack Daniels Inflatables

Southern Comfort Bottle Inflatable

Evamor Water Inflatable Bottle

Absolut Inflatable Bottle

Guinness Black Lager Inflatable Bottle

Budweiser Camo Bottle

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Inflatable Bottle

On Site Hangover Recovery Shot

19 Crimes Inflatable Wine Bottle

Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai Can

El Jimador Tequila Inflatable Bottle

Good2Grow Apple Juice Bottle

Jim Beam Bottle

711 Slurpee Inflatable Cup Costume

Texas Steak Express Cup 7ft Tall

Finlandia Vodka Inflatable Bottle

Hangover Recovery Shot Inflatable

Lawn Dart Distillery

Guinness Inflatable Pint Glass

National Beer Mile Arch

Inflatable Jose Cuervo Bottle

Dale’s Pale Ale Inflatable Can Replica

7-Eleven Slurpee on location

Dutch Bros Coffee Inflatable Cup

Exile Brewing 15ft Zoltan Can Side 1

Exile Brewing 15ft Zoltan Can Side 2

National Beer Mile Race

Denver Beer Co Inflatable Can

Biggby Coffee Inflatable Cup Costume

Captain Morgan Inflatable Bottle

Beer Mile Run Inflatable Archway

Inflatable Tuaca Bottles

Jose Cuervo Inflatable Bottles

Good2Grow Fruit Fusion Bottle

Lawn Dart Event

Giant Inflatable Bacardi Bottle

Dutch Bros Coffee Inflatable Cup Costume

Baileys Inflatable Bottle

Crown Royal Inflatable

Marley Mellow Mood Inflatable Can

Smirnoff Inflatable Bottle

Bud Light Bottle

Mello Yello Race Inflatable Arch

Cinq Cepages Shateau St Jean Wine Inflatable Bottle

Glaceau Vitamin Water Inflatable Misting Booth

Gordon Biersch Marzen Auburn Lager Inflatable Bottle

Jeremiah Weed Inflatable Cans

Fuze Pop Up Tent Banner and Table Cover

PowerBar Perform Inflatable

Dales Pale Ale Inflatable Beer Can

Dr. Pepper Sports Booth Inflatable

Absolut Inflatable Bottles

Molson Inflatable Costume

Budweiser Streetbeat Inflatable Billboard

Coffee Cabin Inflatable Cup Costume

Coffee Beanery Inflatable Costume

Bud Light Tunnel

SoNu-Water EZ Carry Inflatable

Diet Pepsi EZ-Carry Inflatable

Captain Morgan Inflatable

Hint Inflatable Costume

Bacardi Pavilion

Bacardi-BL Pavilion

Full Throttle Energy Drink Can Inflatable

Pepsi Football Kick Inflatable

Full Throttle Inflatable Billboard