Fire Department Rejoices at Delivery of Inflatable Fire Education House

In case you missed it: we make inflatable fire education houses! If you’re not familiar with the fire industry you may be scratching your head right now. It’s a simple concept, really. Boulder Blimp manufactures an inflatable version of the traditional fire education trailer making learning about fire safety affordable, portable and fun.

Don’t mistake our interactive inflatable fire houses with bounce houses though. In spite of looking like bouncy castles on the outside, they are equipped with hard flooring throughout so children aren’t distracted from the real reason they are in there – to learn valuable information that may save them and/or their family members. To know just how priceless fire safety education is, all you need to do is a quick Google search and you’ll find articles like this one that lists seven children from ages the of 5-13 that saved their families or friends from harm after participating in fire training programs introduced at their schools. Knowledge is not only power but a life saver too!

It’s no secret how short kid’s attention spans can be. With instruction as essential as fire prevention is concerned, it’s imperative they understand and absorb what they are being taught. There’s no better way than to disguise an educational lesson as recess. You know, like that thing moms do when they “hide” vegetables in seemingly innocuous foods. Get the picture? Our former and return clients do!

Local fire departments are eager to get their hands on our fire safety inflatables once they realize they exist and how nifty they are. One of our favorites, Captain Barss of the Kinston Fire Department in North Carolina, was so delighted and grateful to receive his department’s newest addition that he made this incredible inflatable fire education house walk through video. Honestly, I’ve never seen a grown man more excited for a delivery that didn’t involve pizza. In all seriousness, it’s such a pleasure to do business with the mentors in our communities who lead with their hearts.

Be a hero and contact us today for more information on our inflatable fire education house or check out our dedicated fire industry site.