Make an impact at your next event, from entry to exit with an inflatable tunnel! Inflatable tunnels can be as basic as a tunnel shape or customized with an inflatable character/mascot attached. The uses are as varied as the sports they compliment along with the level of competition. The biggest advantage here is that they are super simple to inflate and can be deflated and off the field in a matter of minutes. No matter the age or skill level, an inflatable tunnel by Boulder Blimp Company will make your team feel like they are in the Big Leagues!

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Bolt Depot Tunnel

Cougars Inflatable Tunnel Event

Colorado Buffaloes Inflatable Sports Tunnel

Pacifica Tigersharks Inflatable Tunnel

Inflatable Cheer Tunnel

NFL Inflatable Tunnel

Inflatable Hanger 43

Bulldog Inflatable Tunnel

Randall Raiders Inflatable Football Helmet Tunnel

Coronado High School Cougars Inflatable Tunnel

TEVA Inflatable Tunnel

Tiger Inflatable Tunnel

Dumas Inflatable Tunnel

Bud Light Tunnel

Zhu Zhu Tunnel Inflatable

Inflatable Helmet Tunnel

WRX Inflatable Tunnel